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2005-05-13 16:40:50
denir ( )
ini shoutbox paling keren yg pernah gue temui...salut :)

2005-04-28 18:54:53
izma ( )
the colour of my Forestry Programme wish u have a nice green new bag ^ ^

2005-04-13 00:38:50
nofree ( )
kerenn.. walo iseh enom :P.. saluttt!! *jempol papat mode on

0000-00-00 00:00:00
azmie ( )
pretty interesting...with the reply feature, distinguishing it with other free shoutboxes available on the net

2005-01-19 21:38:33
Dityo Nurasto ( )
Fantastic ShoutBox, Great Support, Made in Indonesia. The Best!. Thanks

2004-12-10 09:29:48
Rommy ( )
A really nifty and fantastic shoutbox.. It's very easy to use and made in Indonesia too.. Bagus!

2004-12-09 09:28:22
udhien ( )
Wow keren juga bos.. great job..!! Layanan ini akan memberikan alternatif terhadap pengguna blogger :). Yah.. akhir-nya ada "the next", coz kita tahu oggix khan salah satu developer-nya :p~

2004-12-07 14:38:22
phery ( )
wangun!!!! ra sio-sio skripsimu mbok lepas gik!

2004-12-02 09:32:49
Ilma Pratidina ( )
Its nice, easy to use. I have never seen free shoutbox like this. Thanks to

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