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Shoutbox Feature:
- Unlimited entries
- Reply on Entry
- Complete smilies
- Shoutbox Avatar  new
- Easy Installation
- Custom CSS support
- Free
- Fload control
- Long word break
- Support iframe, embedded & fullframe

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What is oggix.com?
Oggix.com provide services for website/weblog such as shoutbox,
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Why oggix.com?
Coz we have the best feature.
Our shoutbox support shoutbox avatar™, reply on entries, unlimited entries and more, all for free.
We are the pioneer of shoutbox technology.

How to install shoutbox?
1. Register at oggix.com, click here.
2. Login to oggix.com member area.
3. Click Install Shoutbox menu, follow the instructions.
4. Copy and paste the shoutbox code to you blog sidebar.

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